Mick has done numerous jobs for us over the years including a full house renovation and I have happily referred him on to friends. His work is great quality, reasonably priced and always done within the time he says it will be done within. Mick also helps me work out the best way to do things – even marking out what I wanted with spraypaint on a concrete floor – just to check it would work! His approach is straight forward, he tells me exactly what is going on – the good and the bad and is completely transparent in the way he operates and costs the job. It is rare to find a builder that cares about the entire job as much as you do – Mick does!

Debbie Howcroft

I will never forget your assistance, it was way above the call of duty. I am immensely grateful to you as I am not at all knowledgeable in this area. I simply could not have achieved this result without your constant supervision.

A. Busteed